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About the Sansha Company
sansha pointe shoes
Originally known for their soft ballet slippers, where their split sole canvas ballet shoes are worn by many professional dancers.
Sansha has ventured out with Satin and Canvas pointe shoes.
The unusual Lyrica shoe is available in both, pink or peach, where the sizes of the Lyrica... can run into the very tiniest, even for young girls.
Their satin and canvas pointe shoes are very popular pointe shoes in Europe, and typically run much cheaper than other brands.
Models such as the satin Debutante (Debutant), are even sold in sporting goods supply stores.
Sansha has also launched the unusual lace-up pointe shoe called the Futura.

The Lyrica
The Ovation
The Recital
The Partenaire
sansha canvas pointes
The Debutante
The Gloria
The Germania
he Legende

The Sansha "Debutantes" are not really sold here in the US
at, perhaps through one of their European sites.

other info
The Recital II model of Sansha has a removable shank, which is highly unusual, something an intermediate to professional dancer may be more interested in.
In how long they actually last, well, that depends on the type of shoe and the dancer. Normally though dancers are stating approximately one month for most pointe shoes including Sansha.
In how long they last;
Overall, Sansha make dependable shoes, that are often becoming the work-horse pointe shoes used for rehearsals in smaller ballet companies.
For more info, visit Sansha's company website.
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