Grishko Pointe Shoes

About the Company
A newer pointe shoe company, that began in the late 1980's.
Originally brought-in to the United States and Europe, from Moscow, Russia. They are known as the "Beautiful Russian Pointe Shoes".
European pink is their standard color for most of their shoes, and they are worn by professionals and students alike.
The rare White or black satin shoes are sometimes found in little boutiques.
grishko pointes
Grishko Pointes
grishko ballerina
Grishko Ballerina,
Melanie Hamrick
The Grishko satin ribbon is often easily found in dance shops.
Their ribbon is very soft, yet with a durable good quality, and one of the best available.
Sometimes with rehearsal pointe shoes, crossed-elastics are used instead of elastics and ribbons.
However, for performance, crossed-elastics only, can be too different a "look", to be accepted as a true classical ballet costume. In recent years, to hide all the extra bulkiness of extra elastic, invisible versions have even been created. One can wear the cris-crossed on stage, though... heavy make-up has to go them so they blend into the tights, otherwise it's like watching elastics and pointe shoes rather than the other way around. As well, if the cris-crosses of elastic are narrower elastic then it's less noticeable.
Pointe shoes are really a costume adornment to tutu's, or tutu skirts, and are supposed to blend-into the dancer's line. Shoes that show off are for clowns, not dear sweet ballerinas.
The criss cross of the ribbons though, assures the pointe shoes stay on the ballerinas feet, during the moment of demi-pointe to full pointe. A time when elastics by themselves, have a tendency to loosen or slip-off.
One of their newest models is the Nova pointe shoe.
The 2007
The 2007 Pro Quiet
The Elite
The Fouette
The Maya
The Triumph
other info
Grishko shanks may be classed that many models have tougher shanks,which should help them last a little longer.
In how long they actually last, well, that depends on the type of shoe and the dancer. Normally though dancers are stating approximately one month for most pointe shoes including Grishko.
For more info, visit Grishko's company website.
ballet video pas de trois
Pas de Trois from August Bournonville: