Freed Pointe Shoes

About the Company
The Frederick Freed company started around 1929.

A major company for ballerinas the world over, normally available only in soft European Pink.  However, other colors are sometimes found with such as the Classic in black, white or red or white. They also offer a canvas shoe and a few glittery ones also. Freeds are often worn by student professionals and performing ballerinas.
freeds pose
A very quick to the stage shoe,  with a lightweight box, that can sometimes last only one or two performances.
Each shoes longevity though depends upon the hardness of the shank and box, whether they are medium or hard. As more or less starches and glues are adhered to the shoes.
Their main shoe store is in London, England and worth the visit for many.
The Freed company also sells ribbon and elastic, in various widths and even in bulk.
Their basic elastic is one of the best, with a long wear durability,
lasting for several pairs of shoes, while still looking new.

The Models:
Studio Professional I
Studio II
Studio Opera
Classic Professional:
Hard or Medium
Wing Block
ballerina maiko nishino
Freed Ballerina, Maiko Nishino
freeds pointe shoes
other info
The Freed pointe shoes make look very tough, at first, but in reality they are often quoted as shoes that "melt", which helps to make them very quiet during performances.
Freed's are just a professional dancer favorite, and a newly-sewn pair with the right maker and vamp is a charm for many female ballerinas and a standard for companies such as, the Paris Opera.
For more info, visit the Freed's of London website.
ballet video pas de deux
A classical Pas de Deux: