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In 1887 Capezio began, & Anna Pavolva was one of the first major ballerinas to order the shoes. One of the greatest pointe shoe lines in the world for beginner to intermediate dancers is from "Capezio". They have been a force to reckon with for decades.
Their pointe shoes were normally used by "first year on pointe" girls simply because they had stiffer shanks and boxes.
The reason young dancers require harder pointe shoes at first, is to train with exactation and strengthen their feet.
Overly soft shoes, can lead to bunions and even ankle twists.
ultimo pointe shoes
Ultimos in Pink Satin
Over the years Capezio has modified away from 'pink pink' Ultimo's and Niccolini's to bring us these newer sleek pointe shoes. The old favorite Contempora has been kept, although modified.
Pointe shoes more in tune and snazzier than the older styles from the mid 60's-90's.
glisse ballerina; Melissa Greene
Capezio Ballerina, Melissa Greene, age 15
Many styles have updated to peach satin, which is often more desirable for the stage.
They have even created demi-pointe satins also.
Which are very good for learning releves while facing the barre.
Some popular Capezio favorites are from the current models listed below, mostly toned in european peach:
  • The Chasse
  • The Concerto
  • The Contempora
  • The Glisse
  • The Aria
  • The Aerial
  • The Airess
  • The Cambre
  • The Pavlowa
  • The Tendu
  • The Tiffany Pro
  • The Womans Pli
capezio pointe shoes
other info
In the past the Capezio's were normally known as loud shoes,
and that was oddly their bonus.
As the key to a great dancer is a quiet one on-stage.
Therefore, because harder pointe shoes are challenging to keep quiet,
they instill an additional focus of concentration during class,
and that quieted physical focus leads to a very delicate dancer later on.
Some Capezio's can also last a very long time,
typically 4-6 months, worn by beginners, 2-3 times per week.
Which makes them an easy pair of pointe shoes because most have a hectic schedule of going to regular school, as well as ballet school, and extra car trips to buy pointe shoes are not always opportune.
Many girls start with Capezio as early as 10-11 years old.
Some may find, that they actually grow-out of their first Capezio pointe shoes, before the shoes wear out.
Capezio has confused a few of the older dancers, because in the past, they were not always known as an elegant performance shoe, but great for those first few years, where pointe shoe training was more important.
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