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About the Company
Bloch is an older pointe shoe company which started during the 1930's and began in Sydney, Australia. Making professional shoes for the Ballet Russe of Monte Carlo and also for ballerinas who toured Australia from Russia.
They offer so many varieties that it is outstanding. Surely one pair of their shoes will be the correct fit for any of us.
A unique split sole has also been created, called the Eurostretch. However, to really strengthen ones feet, a harder shank is needed. So, perhaps the eurostretch styles are more for the look of an enhanced arch, rather than performing fouettes.
bloch ballerina
Luckily, with so many choices by Bloch from Serenades (as image shown on the left) to Sonatas to Jet Streams, that the fun-to-point Eurostretch just becomes a pair of side-shoes in the show.
The real performers are there with their basic designs, designs that ballerinas have known as a their standby for years.

The Bloch company also sells a little satin demi-pointe.
The satin demi-pointes are often used in weddings,
for the bridesmaids and the wedding procession group.
The satin demi-pointes are sewn with ribbons also just like the pointe shoes.
Just sew on the ribbons on the inside of the shoes, with matching thread, for a prettier look.

  • Aspiration
  • Axis
  • Balance
  • Eurostretch
  • Hannah
  • Heritage Shoes
  • Jet Stream
  • Alpha
  • Amelie
  • Dramatica
  • Morph
  • Serenade
  • Signature Rehearsal
  • Sonata
  • European Balance
  • S0180
  • Serene
  • Suprima
  • Synergy
  • Mirella
  • Whisper
Bloch is just an exciting company with over 20 models of pointe shoes.
other info
For the most part, Bloch pointe shoes do have lasting powers, of at least a month or more, for some professional dancers. However, that determination always will depend upon the ballerina, then how many performances, with the amount of variations and any rehearsals time included.
For more info, visit the Bloch World company website.
ballet video la bayadere
Performance from the ballet, "La Bayadere" :
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