Gaynor Minden's & Russian Pointes

A few Assorted Makers
Well, since not "every" style of pointe shoe is available through amazon,
it's great to locate these remarkable finds.
Gaynor Minden
Gaynor Minden pointe shoes, have been available shoes throughout dance outlets and dance magazines for many years. Created in Manhattan, New York.
Gillian Murphy: Gaynor Minden Ballerina

The Minden's have been a mainstay for many performances of demanding roles,
worn during principal roles such as;
Odette and Odile, of Swan Lake
and Giselle in Giselle.
Russian Pointes
Russian Pointes are also appealing,
in that they appear
to have lasting powers, with stable boxes. while also being stylish to the arches.
A good pointe shoe maker for darning the tips.
gaynor minden russian pointes

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